• Service Disabled Veteran

  • Georgia Elite SDVOB

  • Farmer Veterans Coalition

Our Mission

Troop Farms Inc. assists veterans and individuals in developing employment and careers opportunities through collaborative partnerships. Together we provide education, trainings, on site farming opportunities in rural and urban communities, & emergency disaster assistance -- within blighted communities.


Community Resource Partners

  • Home Grown by Heroes

  • Ground Operations

  • NRCS- Natural Resources Conservationist Services

Our Vision

Troop Farm , Inc would like to become a national leader in transitioning veterans into the service of agricultural   sustainability and farming to 
feed America.

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food


Pictured: Atlanta Farmer

Jamila Norman

"In America’s rural towns and urban centers, in remote farm fields and on the edge of cities, a sea change is underway. Farmers and ranchers selling their products nationally or internationally are finding a reason and a means to keep some sales closer to home. New farmers, small and midsized farmers, and those who want to personally brand their products are finding enthusiastic buyers right in their communities. Urban residents who may never have set foot on a farm are gaining a new appreciation for and connection to the men and women producing our food. And business owners are tapping into a market whose steady growth over two decades— growth that has become exponential in recent years—spells opportunity in the form of jobs, revenue, and economic development."

USDA 2020

Farming and Business Solutions for Veterans

  • Federation Southern Cooperative

  • Urban Farmers

  • DAV - Disabled American Veterans

Our Goals

  • To educate and train individuals in agricultural technology and sustainability
  • To create employment opportunities for individuals entering agriculture
  • To enhance support and involvement in emergency and disaster preparedness through partnerships
  • To serve as a community partner for resources